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Raspberry Pi Pico Wを接続してもThonnyが強制終了するエラーをバージョン変更で解決

By 2023年4月1日No Comments

せっかく技適の通ったRaspberry Pi Pico Wを接続してMicro Pythonをドラッグ&ドロップしてこれからコードかけるぞって時に何度やってもThonnyでRaspberry Pi Picoと指定するとpythonが落ちて強制終了になる。


前回エラー出てなかった時はApple シリコンのパソコンじゃなったかも?4.01のバージョンの時もM1やM2想定したインストールの書き込みがあるので関係ないか。。



Process: Python [41865]


4.0.2 is mainly a bug-fix release.

  • Fix Mypy logging error in the Assistant, #2491 by @kr-g and @solsword
  • Fix AttributeError on save, #2454
  • Add Thonny version as environment value for user programs, #2494 by @kr-g
  • Make __file__ contain absolute path, #2497
  • Start SSH preparation command with space to avoid adding it to shell history, #2563 by @isaacl
  • Bump pipkin version to 1.0b8 and fix various bugs with MicroPython package installation, including not being able to update a package (#2555)
  • Restore Find/Replace dialog close button and non-dialog behavior, #2461, #2550
  • Make Find/Replace dialog non-modal again, #2550
  • Fix Find/Replace seeding, #2356, #2550
  • Restore focus after using file dialogs, #2501
  • Don’t remove stacktrace links after closing the process, #2471
  • Never clear shell when Stop/Restart is used for stopping a process, #2456
  • Treat .toml, .gitignore and .env as text files
  • Fix expression box glitch (lower frame box remaining visible) when debugging on macOS
  • Ignore disk flushing errors in the end of UF2 installation
  • Make port finding in the end of UF2 installation process more robust
  • Don’t enable variant and version selection in UF2 dialog before variants get downloaded
  • Add Vietnamese translation, by Bui Huy Quang
  • Update several translations
  • Fix the name for Slowenian, #2611
  • Update several deps in Thonny + Python bundles (asttokens, mypy, pylint, esptool, paramiko)